The Senate of Economy at all times abides by the prevailing law and expects its members and affiliates to do likewise.

01. Integrity
Corruption is strictly forbidden and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

02. Competition
The Senate of Economy, with his members and in dealing with competitors, exclusively uses means within the law and deals according to the principle of fairness.

03. Cooperation
The Senate of Economy maintains a cooperative relationship with all public partners (media, associations, authorities etc.).

04. Sustainability
The Senate of Economy protects the environment to the greatest extent possible.  Our consumption of resources is protects both the environment and health.

05. File management
Business processes as well as all relevant information with respect to financial reporting will be documented appropriately and will be accompanied by an internal control system.

06. Protection of knowledge
Company secrets are defined and not disclosed to third parties.  Company secrets are not publicised (via the media).  Third-party rights that warrant protection are respected by the Senate of Economy.

07. Dealing with information
The Senate of Economy provides information on time, complete, coherently, with no emotional appeal and to the best of its knowledge and belief.

08. Labour conditions 
The Senate of Economy does not tolerate discrimination and/or harassment of any kind. Violations will be subject to sanctioning.  The Senate of Economy advocates the health and the security of its employees.  The Senate of Economy ensures respectful treatment among its members and employees.  Mutual treatment is objective, fair and benevolent.

09. Separation of interests 
Members of the Senate of Economy, in their decisions, separate the interests of the Senate of Economy from private interests.  This applies to both business connections and personnel decisions.