About us

Welcome to the Senate of Economy

The Senate of Economy consists of individuals from the fields of economics, science and society, who are entirely aware of their responsibility towards state and society.  They are ambassadors of the Senate and through their membership, they contribute to implement the aims of the Senate with respect to political, economic, cultural and media-related decision-makers.

Thereby, the Senate of Economy revives the traditional idea of the Senate in ancient times. A well-balanced circle of friends with an independent mind strove for public good, and not merely personal interests.

The ethical principles of the Senate should be a foundation and a guideline for the economic activity of the members of the Senate.  Equity and partnership in commercial life, social skills of enterprises and leaders shape the work of the Senate.

The Senate of Economy (Senate) is the German department of the Senate of Economy International, whose honorary president is the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Mohammad Yunus.